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     Oakland Youth-Friendly Business Network
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Become a Youth-Friendly Business!   arrow

There are many ways for your business to be youth-friendly!  Click here to sign up for opportunities. Host a company tour, sponsor a school event, visit a classroom, become a workplace mentor, or anything in between.

Become a Mentor:

  • Provide an internship at your workplace for a youth
  • Take on student volunteers for outreach or industry events for your company
  • Serve as an industry expert for a student project

Share Knowledge:

  • Speak in a classroom about your field
  • Host tours or job shadow days at your workplace
  • Participate in mock job interview and resume review events
  • Serve on an Advisory Board or Committee for a youth organization or school


  • Donate resources to a school or youth organization
  • Offer scholarships
  • Sponsor a student club or school event
  • Purchase goods or services from youth-run enterprises
  • Hire youth musicians for your events
  • Offer space for youth events or meetings at your company

If there is something innovative that your business does to offer opportunities and support to youth, please contact us so we can add it to the list!