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MEDIA ADVISORY: Online Directory of Youth-Friendly Businesses is Live

November 6, 2013—Oakland, California—The Oakland Youth-Friendly Business Network (OYFBN) announces the launch of the first-ever online directory of youth-friendly businesses today.

Located at the URL, the directory features businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area that support and provide opportunities to young adults for career exploration.

The OYFBN intends for the directory to promote businesses by directing conscientious consumers to patronize listed businesses, while simultaneously encouraging non-participating businesses to become youth-friendly.

Currently, the directory contains 103 listings of businesses ranging from small family-owned restaurants to large corporations, from auto shops to architects.

As new businesses become qualified, they will be added to the directory. OYFBN vets every business to ensure they meet the qualifications by supporting or providing opportunities to young adults in various ways, including mentoring, internships, mock interviews, scholarships, and more.

The OYFBN directory intends to increase visibility for youth-friendly businesses through promoting these businesses’ efforts. It hopes to foster a culture of endorsing youth-friendly services and creating an incentive for non-participating businesses to consider investing in youth.


Patricia Johnson, Project Chair

Oakland Youth Friendly Business Network

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